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Financial Policies

Per Michigan law (Senate Bill 853 effective Sept. 30, 2014) the definition of a Spectacle Prescription are as follows:

  • A Spectacle Prescription is ‘a written or electronic order by a licensee who has examined and evaluated a patient’ and includes the following:
    • Indication that the prescription is for spectacles.
    • As applicable and as specified for each eye, the lens power including the spherical power, cylindrical power including axis, prism if applicable, and the power of the multifocal addition.
    • Special requirements that the omission of that would adversely affect the vision or ocular health of the patient including specific lens designs, materials, or treatments.
    • The Patient’s name, the date of the examination and evaluation and the date that the prescription originated.
    • The prescribing licensee’s name, address, phone number, written or electronic signature or other form of identification.
    • An expiration date of not less than 1 year from the date of the examination.
    • *It does not include pupillary distance measurements and or progressive or lined multifocal height measurements. The eye care professional who’s fitting your frames must perform these measurements since they can vary with frame choice.
    • *As part of our service to our patients our professional opticians perform these services for all of our patients to assure maximum spectacle fit and quality and is included in the frame purchase.
    • *If you wish us to assist you with pupillary distance measurements (P.D.’s) in order for you to purchase or acquire spectacles elsewhere we assess a $20.00 measuring fee. Progressive or lined multifocal segment height still must be measured by the person fitting your frames since is different for every frame.
    • Jarvi MD Eyecare assumes no responsibility for the verification of prescription, fit, quality, routine repair or maintenance, adjustments, or non-satisfaction remakes for any glasses not sold or dispensed on site. Fitting and adjustment of new glasses not purchased on site are subject to an additional $20.00 fitting fee.
  • Contacts Lens Policy
  • All Specialty Contact Lenses including Gas Permeable lenses require a 50% refundable deposit or paid insurance co-pay on the day of dispense.

Financial Policies Continued

All services and procedures are subject to prior authorization to assess co-pays and deductibles for payment.

Surgeries and procedures are subject to a minimum 50% advance payment prior to surgery through the business office and a signed payment agreement for any balance due must be on file with our business office at least one week prior to surgery or your surgery may be rescheduled.

Advanced Technology Implants for cataract surgery (Toric and Multi-focal) must be paid in full at least one week prior to cataract surgery.

All unpaid surgical, procedure, or account balances must be addressed with a payment agreement that resolves your balance within 12 months from the date of service.

If you have a financial hardship and feel you may have
difficulty with any part of this policy please let us know in
advance so that our business office can work with you to
address your concerns. Thank you.

Refraction and Copay Policy

(Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients)
Refraction / Prescription for new glasses: Please note that due to Medicare’s policy, your medical insurance will not pay for a prescription for new glasses for any reason. If you wish to have a Refraction / Prescription for new glasses at the time of your exam the fee is $25.00 payable on the day of service.

*Medicaid supplement to Medicare and some BCBS primary policies are the only exceptions.

If you have Vision Insurance and wish to have a routine, complete exam for new glasses and / or contact lenses we will gladly schedule you an appointment with Dr. Debra Denton O.D., our staff Optometrist who participates with most vision insurance plans.

Copay / Deductibles: Many insurance companies apply copays and deductibles. Please be advised that all insurance copays and known deductibles are payable on the date of service. We reserve the right to request payment prior to your appointment. Thank you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies
please feel free to request to speak to our billing office or our Office Manager. Thank You